SAPP - Server extension for Halo PC/CE

The old site is RIP, but the global server that handles the auto-update is up.

Also here is the full documentation written by 002 with updates to the latest version: SAPP Documentation Revision 2.5

Nowadays you can find me on Discord: sehé°°#1113

Try out the latest and new experimental features in my server:

Sapp 10.2.1 (2017.12.26.)

The [halo-bug-fix] from the previous version is now disabled by default since it caused crashes for some people. You can enable it with the [new] object_sync_cleanup command for testing.

Sapp 10.2 (2017.12.25.)


SAPP for Halo PC
SHA256: eff653541793e444a343d7d3345152abcc78f74a30b3080c445a8833b3d76a76
SAPP for Halo CE
SHA256: d0b037f4dbb8a50022078d2cd1cb83145822d451f4d3580fb46808d090a85676


The license of SAPP can be found here.